Our Firm

Richards Dukes Law is a boutique law firm specializing in commercial lease transactions. Our attorneys have over 20 years of experience drafting and negotiating leases for both landlords and tenants.

A commercial lease is a lengthy, complex agreement covering one of the most important assets of any business, and every industry has unique legal and business terms our attorneys know how to negotiate.  We’ve prepared leases for a wide range of businesses, from retail space, to medical and professional offices, to restaurants and breweries. 

If you’ve ever read a commercial lease, you know it can be full of “legal-speak” and terms that are very difficult to understand.  There is no substitute for effective representation by experienced, licensed attorneys. Our attorneys take the time to review the entire lease with you, answering all of your questions and explaining in plain language the more nuanced, legal aspects of the document. 

We always hear the question, do I really need an attorney, it’s just a lease?  We believe the answer is yes.  A lease not only impacts your business, its finances and operations for years to come, but it may impact your ability to sell the business in the future, and it will impact you as an owner of the business as well.  Most leases include personal guarantees, requiring the owners to guarantee that all obligations under the lease will be met.  If the company can no longer pay rent, you personally are responsible and your home and other assets may be at risk. 

Give us a call, and let our attorneys even the playing field in your discussions with the landlord.