Corporate Acquisitions/Sales


We represent businesses on both the buy-side and sell-side of corporate transactions, in both asset sales and stock/membership interest sales. A� If you're looking to buy or sell a business, we can assist in negotiating the terms of the deal to ensure you're interests are protected. A�We offer strategic advice and creative solutions to help you get the deal done.


As businesses grow and change, often the original founders find themselves going in different directions. A�Many times an original founder eventually wants out, and the company and its other owners are faced with the decision of how best to allow the founder or owner out while continuing the business. A�We help draft and negotiate buy-outs, whether the other owners buy the individual out, or the company redeems the leaving owner's interest.


We also offer strategic advice and assistance in the initial company formation stage, to plan for the future when a founding member may need, or want out of the venture. A�Preparing terms in the Bylaws or Operating Agreement and drafting separate buy-sell agreements can be crucial in avoiding disputes among owners in the future.

We offer flat fees on certain projects. A�Please contact us to discuss your situation.