Liquor Licensing


Obtaining a liquor license is vital to the success of breweries, restaurants, liquor stores, bars, taverns, and other venues that wish to sell alcoholic find bride scam beverages. We provide guidance and assistance through the often complex federal, state and local licensing authorities.

For breweries, vintners and distilleries, we provide guidance through the federal system at the Tobacco Trade and Alcohol Bureau and will help you complete the lengthy application.

Contact us with questions regarding liquor licensing matters.

Liquor License Transfers or Change in Corporate Structure

If you wish to sell your business, your liquor license may be transferred to the purchaser. The purchaser may submit an application for a temporary liquor license in order to continue operating the business during the pending transfer. The transfer enables the purchaser to avoid having to meet the neighborhood needs and desires requirement at a public hearing.

If your corporate structure changes with newly elected board members, a change in officers or the purchase or sale of 10% or more of the corporate equity, the liquor licensing authorities must be properly notified.

Contact us if you need assistance with a license transfer or filing of appropriate notifications for corporate changes. Wea��ll help ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently.

Temporary or Permanent Modifications to the Licensed Premises

If you plan to modify your premises (temporarily for a special event, or permanently), you need to file a statement of change with the liquor licensing authorities, in a timely manner. We can assist with the proper paperwork to timely process these changes for your liquor license and to avoid any potential liquor license violations for the failure to report such changes or to gain prior approval.